Swipe/Withdraw up to 50% of your net basic pay

Get to swipe/withdraw after repayment, every month

Swipe/Withdraw using a ClearWallet visa card

About Us

To be able to provide a wallet with at most 50% of a given individual’s salary, that does not accumulate interest rate charges, has no hidden fees and is clearly reliable, easy and fast to use, ClearWallet was invented. ClearWallet works as a gateway to cash subscription based service using a Visa card that Individuals will use to swipe or withdraw when they run out of cash, to solve a problem in real-time.

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How we got started

ClearWallet was founded in early 2016 by the three founders Musonda, Kingston and Mark. Coming from a background where our parents spent their entire economic life trying to make ends meet by having to spend before salaries are due, borrowing had become a part of their life style. The fact that salaries come only after 30 days and unaccounted for emergencies came mid month, without enough savings, the only option was to go and borrow. The main problem was not borrowing but where, how and at what cost to borrow just for that particular moment. The existing solutions, that is, the micro finance institutions available to them could not clearly address the main problems in a way where questions as to where, how and at what cost could be answered easily. For the founders, it was clear that a lot more other parents were facing similar problems and that it was time to put an end to the confusion. And in 2017 April 19th, we had ClearWallet incorporated, it turns out, we just cared more!



  • Employer signs an MOU with ClearWallet
  • Employees are signed up into the ClearWallet platform
  • Employees are immediate after registration offered a ClearWallet Visa Card
  • Funds are deposited into their ClearWallet account after 24hrs from registration
  • Funds are deposited into their ClearWallet account after 24hrs from registration


Application Form


Pay Slip

Utility Bill


ClearWallet was built by following exactly what the traditional customer is looking for when faced with cash problems

Register once and for all

As our new client, once you get to apply and you application is approved, you become a ClearWallet user and don't need to apply to enjoy our services.

24 hour access

Upon approval, the ClearWallet user will be able to access cash 24 hour 7 days every month

Zero interest rate

ClearWallet will not change interest rate on cash on the card but just a charge on what's used.

Transaction alerts through sms

Each transaction that is made on the user's card, the user will receive on sms alert for awareness.

Card to card transfer

All registered users holding a ClearWallet Visa Card can make cash transfers to fellow ClearWallet Visa Card users


ClearWallet users can use their ClearWallet of Visa Card to make payments in supermarket, restaurants and pay bills.